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MANAGEMENT REPORTS IN FLEET: Through the use of cutting-edge Contract Management software, businesses’ cloudcobooks are able to better manage their contracts with vendors and make long-term strategic plans. By collecting all the resources you’ll need for negotiating contracts in one place, our contract management reports in the fleet system put you in charge.

Procurement groups frequently stress the importance of efficiency and transparency. We offer a system that is easy to use, implement, and administer for any kind of business, whether it is in the public (NHS), private (private sector), local (local government), or even public (local government).

It used to be the case that management reports in fleet and administrators had to manually record and keep track of all invoices, receipts, and other costs associated with each vehicle and piece of equipment. Look familiar? Many people experience nightmares just thinking about having to go through this tedious process manually.

Typically, fleet managers will use the following reports to get an overview of the company’s health:

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis and Maintenance Records for a Fleet
  • Managing Work Orders and Reminders: An Analysis of Inspection Reports
  • History of Users and Their Odometer Readings

The data stored in fleet management software may be extensive, with some of it being useful. As a first step, you should be honest with yourself.  The first step in developing fleet management reports that can aid in making decisions is to identify the specific pieces of data that will be required. When too much data is collected, too many reports are generated, and the findings can be (and frequently are) overwhelming.

So, how do you sort through the noise to get the gems of information? The trick is to only keep track of data that is absolutely necessary and to focus your reporting efforts where they will have the most impact on the business as a whole.