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PAYROLL SERVICES IN FLEET: From in-house payroll services in a fleet to a fully managed outsourced solution, Our range of software and services will alter your organization’s operations. Our team of specialists will make your transition to Cintra easy and seamless. Our cloudscobooks outsourcing team uses our Payroll and HR software. A continuous cycle of evaluation and feedback has produced one of the most advanced systems accessible. We are pleased to provide you with a best-of-breed Payroll and HR platform that helps your organization become more innovative and efficient by boosting the employee experience.

As this is essential for the staff’s faith in the employer, we deliver accurate payroll computations and on-time payment of salaries. In compliance with the Labor Code, we offer ongoing professional guidance on how to arrange the organization of labor and working time to ensure the most efficient solution for the employer. We also provide information on all possible payroll services in fleet tax exemptions for employees.

We produce comprehensive reports, analyses, and recommendations regarding the need for measures to reduce sick-leave expenditures and unpaid leave. We do a complete financial analysis of the pay budgets vertically (workers, middle and senior management) and horizontally (production and structural units) in order to determine the efficiency at each level or unit and to take steps to boost labor productivity. We provide advice in situations where a dramatic increase or decrease in staffing numbers is anticipated, which always requires planning and budgeting in advance.

We facilitate the employer’s administration, calculation, and payment of employee compensation with optimum efficiency. We offer our services to businesses of various sizes, from a few people to more than a thousand, in the manufacturing, commercial, and service industries. We have extensive expertise with a variety of labor organization patterns, including one, two, and three shifts, continuous production, daily or total working time clock, night and overtime work at single or many sites, and night and weekend work.